What is the Wellness Spot at Sweet Spot?

Life isn’t rigid or predictable, and your weight loss solution shouldn’t be either. The TLS Weight Loss Solution at Sweet Spot MediSpa is a comprehensive, educational system that is custom-made for you. The program consists of four components which serve as guidelines to help balance your weight and unique lifestyle. This includes a focus on low GI-eating, healthy body composition, supplementation and education. The great thing is that you don’t have to count points or calories to see incredible results! The TLS Weight Loss Solution provides you with all of the tools and support necessary to help you transition to a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

The Four Components

Low GI Eating:

We think that food should be delicious, nutritious and revitalizing. This easy to follow low-GI program centers on food quality, because wholesome food produces lean, energetic people. TLS supplies the menus and recipes — you bring your appetite.

Body Composition:

A truly fit body must be active, which is why we focus on healthy body composition. Here we aim to change the muscle to fat ratio since muscle mass directly influences the metabolism. This is achieved through clear-cut exercise plans, videos and interactive tools.


Sustaining energy and enthusiasm is essential to effective weight loss. We offer an extensive collection of weight loss supplements to help you adjust to your new lifestyle and prevent plateaus. Each supplement is scientifically developed to target different weight loss struggles.


Discover why you struggled to lose weight in the past, and permanently change bad habits. We teach you how to maintain your success and stay motivated. Our interactive tools will also help keep you inspired, because they track your progress throughout your weight loss journey. Your devices for change are the TLS Weight Loss Solution Health Guide and Journal, educational videos, and the social media support pages. We’re here for you every step of the way.

What is Low-GI Eating?

Low-Glycemic Index eating focuses on how different foods affect your blood sugar level. The Glycemic Index measures foods on a 100-point scale. Low-GI foods produce little or no fluctuations in our blood sugar or insulin levels. This is important because when your blood sugar rises quickly, your body increases insulin production, forcing the body into fat accumulation and storage. Controlling the GI of your foods promotes normal blood-sugar levels and enables the body to stay in a fat-burning mode.

What Makes TLS Different?

The goal at TLS is to condition your body both internally and externally. The TLS difference is the focus on an overall lifestyle change including behavior modification, healthy eating habits, fitness and more. Traditional diets focus solely on the number on the scale with most of the weight loss coming from water and muscle. TLS Weight Loss Solution is unique because it focuses on the loss of body fat. The TLS approach emphasizes obtaining a healthy body composition to increase the amount of muscle vs. fat (muscle dictates metabolism). TLS combines low-glycemic impact eating with exercise to obtain a healthy body composition.


Browse through the archive of resources detailed below to learn more about the TLS Weight Loss Solution approach! Some of these include:

Weight Loss Supplements

To keep your progress at sprinting speed we offer an extensive collection of weight loss supplements. Each supplement is scientifically developed to target different weight loss struggles.

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