Body Contouring

Designed to sculpt and tone the body. These procedures are typically non-surgical and target specific areas of the body where you may be struggling with stubborn fat, loose skin, or other cosmetic concerns.

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Smooth stomach

Bliss Laser Fat Lipo

This is a Non-invasive lipolysis using diode lasers at 1064 nm. These wavelengths penetrate the skin to target the adipose tissue layer and deliver energy that damages cells through heat. The treatment is safe for all skin types. Patient satisfaction is more than 90 percent. The abdomen and flanks can be treated, and a study showed a 24 percent reduction in fat.
Smooth thighs

Bliss MP2 Skin Tightening

Venus BlissTM is equipped with an (MP)2 applicator to tighten skin, reduce circumference, and reduce cellulite. The technologies on Venus Bliss provide patients with a comprehensive treatment solution, resulting in a smoother, more contoured looking midsection, buttock, thighs, and arms.
Stong man

Bliss FlexMAX Muscle Tone

If you are experiencing excess body fat, wanting to improve muscle definition, or experiencing skin laxity and/or cellulite, Venus Bliss MAX™ can help! Three different treatment options are available in one platform, including diode laser fat reduction treatments, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) muscle toning, and skin tightening/cellulite reduction treatments. Our FlexMAX tones muscles in as little as 6 treatments over 2 weeks