C02Re Laser

CO2RE Skin Resurfacing Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Hydrate, drink 8 classes of water each day starting at least 2 days prior to treatment.
  • Avoid salty foods and alcohol to prevent dehydration.
  • Avoid excess sun exposure 2 weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid using any topical retinol containing products 5 days before treatment.
  • Avoid drinking red wine or taking blood thinners (consult with physician first), such as aspirin, Motrin, turmeric, and fish oil supplements, the day before the procedure.
  • Start taking anti-viral medication, if have a history of cold sores, 3 days prior to procedure.


CO2RE Skin Resurfacing Post Treatment Instructions

Wash the treated area with a mild cleanser (ex. Cetaphil) then apply the following as instructed for 1 week post-treatment:

  1. Apply Cicalfate AM, afternoon, and PM daily to keep the skin moist for 3 days
  2. Sleep on a clean pillow case nightly
  3. Cleanse skin gently in AM and PM prior to applying Cicalfate
  4. Use Exosomes on Day 2 in AM and PM prior to Cicalfate until bottle is completed
  5. Broad-Spectrum physical block sunscreen with SPF of 40 or greater and wear a hat when going outside.
    • Redness and swelling is expected, lasting 72 hours.
    • Tylenol may be taken to reduce discomfort
    • Sleep with your head elevated
    • Call the office at 239-789-3098 if drainage, fever, or increased pain or swelling occur
    • Take Benadryl 25mg at night to reduce swelling
    • Treated areas will shed naturally 5-7 days
    • Treated areas will heal in 1-2 weeks and redness will continue to fade over the next 2-3 weeks. Dryness is to be expected during the healing process. Hyper-pigmentation can occur and may last up to 2-3 months. Please notify the office if you have concerns with this. This is the natural healing process.
    • Please make a follow up appointment in 3 months


It is recommended to avoid the following while healing:

  • Retinol use for 2 weeks post-treatment
  • Sun exposure and tanning
  • Hot tubs, baths, and saunas, scrubbing and exfoliation
  • Swimming in pools with chlorine
  • Exercise causing excessive perspiration