The Detox of 2023: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The Detox of 2023: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a form of a gentle, skin-stretching massage modality. MLD enhances the drainage of lymph nodes & the circulation of lymph fluids. This modality can be incorporated as a routine, self-care, or for medical purposes. 


Manual Lymphatic Drainage was founded by Dr. Emil Vodder, and his wife, Estrid, a Neuropath, in France in the 1930s. According to,, Dr. Emil Vodder treated his patients with conditions such as acne, sinusitis, & migraines. Dr. Vodder believed the swelling & congestion of lymph nodes in his patients’ necks were the underlying cause of disorders from being unable to cleanse the tissues. By the 1960s, doctors from all around the world became invested in Dr.Vodder’s technique. “In 1966 in Austria, the Wittlingers, a family of physical therapists met and worked closely with Dr. Vodder. They opened a spa facility equipped in treating various ailments.”, sourced from, 

The function of the Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System is a one-way valve system and is interlinked with the cardiovascular system. “The Lymphatic System consists of lymph, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, & lacteals. Also considered part of the Lymphatic System are the tonsils, spleen, & thymus gland.”, sourced from, Milady’s Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Sixth Edition. The thoracic duct is a major structure of the lower part of the neck, chest, & upper abdomen, thus making it the largest lymph vessel in your body. Lymph returns to the bloodstream for excretion by the kidneys. Not only does the Lymphatic System aid the Cardiovascular System, but it also aids your immune system. Lymph contains B-Cells, T-Cells, & Phagocytes which are all important aids to preventing anything that is going to harm or infect your body.  

Benefits & How Often Should You receive MLD 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a beneficial modality of massage for almost anybody. According to, “once per month to once per week”, is how often you should receive a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Increasing lymphatic circulation helps detoxify the body, cleanse & regenerate tissues, and increase the body’s resistance to infection, pain management, and stress management. 

With this in mind, you have been introduced to a method that enhances detoxification, immunity, & relaxation. Here at Sweet Spot Medispa, we offer an 80-minute MLD session service. Consult with your health provider or a Licensed Massage Therapist to know if MLD is the right remedy for you. 


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