Get intimate with INTIMA

Did you know there is a quick and painless treatment that can address many of the adverse effects of childbirth and menopause? Well, there is! 

The Candela CO2RE Intima for vaginal rejuvenation is an FDA approved non-surgical and non-hormonal laser therapy that stimulates collagen production inside and outside the vagina. The system features vulvar/vaginal resurfacing capabilities that restore the vaginal lining and repair the wrinkling and descent of the labia. The result is increased lubrication, a tighter vaginal canal, and a healthy appearance of the outside tissue.

The CO2RE Intima laser resurfaces both the vaginal canal and the outside tissue. This system repairs the wrinkling and descent of the labia while simultaneously restoring the vaginal lining.

Intima can also treat bladder leakage. When vaginal tissue tone decreases women can experience leaking when they cough or sneeze. Women may also note a decrease in lubrication resulting in painful intercourse. 

It is recommended that three treatment sessions are completed for optimal results, however, this is dependent upon client goals. As noted above, client’s report very little to no discomfort and treatment can be done in as little as 15-20 minutes. 

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