A Superior Toxin…

It does not exist! At our medispa we carry all available neurotoxins on the market, giving our clients a choice in their treatment.  At every new visit we inform the client of the products offered and cost.  Almost 99% of the time I will get asked “which one works best?”  The answer is there isn’t one, this is because each of us has our own unique anatomy. Our body’s response to the product will vary.  We have seen clients come back after 6 months with treatment effects still very evident. I have also had other clients needing full re-treatment at 2 months, with the same product as well asfirs t time clients returning for 2 or 3 additional treatments to achieve the desired effect.   Your next visit, try an alternate product – viola…perfect results.  I always encourage clients to try alternative products because they will likely find one that works best for them.  At times this can also result in some additional savings.  If it is your first time getting neurotoxin, we suggest that you go conservative in your dose, as a baseline.  You can always come back to add additional units if needed.  

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