Vanity & Aesthetics

Some may consider treatments such as toxin and filler to be vain. They may not see the value in investing in one-self. The media and certain celebrities have also made it seem that getting cosmetic treatments are extreme and will alter your natural appearance. I would like to respectfully disagree. Aesthetics and cosmetic treatments have very little to do with vanity and everything to do with self-care and self-love. How fortunate are we to have treatments available that make us feel our best? Someone that focuses on keeping their body healthy and in shape is not considered vain so why am I for also focusing on my face?

I want to share just two (out of many) quick stories that will show how NOT vain cosmetic treatments are. One beautiful client of mine, after going through some hard times, looked in the mirror after treatment and said to me; “Thank you, I now look the way that I feel on the inside, it’s so hard to look at yourself and not recognize you.”

Another client came to me after a traumatic car accident after which he spent months hospitalized and had to relearn walking along with other basic tasks. He did not feel like himself, his body and face had changed. He just wanted to look good for his wife and give her some kissable lips. Tell me how that’s vain…? Everyone has their reason for coming to our spa and it is not my or your place to judge. We all have a story, we all have struggles. If I can help you feel more confident, more like you, then I have done my job. This is something I am extremely grateful for. So ignore the naysayer’s – do what makes you happy, period.

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