The Eve PRP Shot is a game changer.

We’re much more educated now about healthy diets and the importance of exercise, but what doesn’t garner much attention is the importance of intimacy and sexuality. Being sexually intimate has the ability to increase our overall health. So, how does this one aspect make us healthier? It has to do with the release of major hormones and chemicals that our bodies need on a regular basis. It’s a mind, spirit, body connection on a medical level.

The top 10 health benefits of sexual intimacy:
1. Dopamine is triggered, which boosts our mood and pleasure
2. Cortisol and adrenaline are lowered which reduces the stress hormones and causes relaxation to fill the cells of the body with a sense of calm
3. The hormone oxytocin increases and sends a euphoric sensation throughout the body and mind.
4. Oxytocin increases the intimacy and closeness that we feel with our partner
5. Oxytocin also helps the body relax, which improves a high-quality sleep
6. Oxytocin helps to increase pain tolerance, so very often people with headaches feel a sense of alleviation after intimacy.
7. The heart rate increases momentarily, which benefits vascular health
8. Memory Recall improves as well as brain function
9. An increase in immunoglobin A (IgA) helps to boost the body’s overall immunity
10. Testosterone and estrogen are triggered, which helps bone and soft tissue health

If you struggle with intimacy, you’re not alone. Many women need help finding pleasure again.

The truth is that many pre and postmenopausal women, and even women that have recently gone through childbirth, can have vaginal disorders, like burning, dryness and pain that they often withhold and keep to themselves. Most women think that it’s just a ‘normal’ part of the hormonal process, but they don’t have to live with this condition! There are many options to relieve vaginal and vulvar atrophy.

Due to the limited estrogen supply, the walls of the vagina start to thin out, causing dryness, and inflammation. This can make intercourse very painful and can cause urinary disorders and can even interfere with daily activities for many women due to the extreme pain and discomfort that it can cause.

Sure there are many options for women, like creams, medications, and surgery, but there is a better way which is natural and uses your own Platelet Rich Plasma to regenerate and rejuvenate your tissues. Sweet Spot Med Spa offers an exclusive PRP, EVE-Shot for their patients.

The PRP EVE-Shot can help to rejuvenate and heal the tissues.
The PRP serum derived from your blood, is injected into the vaginal tissues. Over the past several years, PRP therapy has become a recommended treatment option for many conditions because it is a natural and proven effective treatment. Because our body naturally produces these cells, this treatment is not perceived as a foreign object to our body and it quickly induces healing on a cellular level, PRP can regenerate tissue, create new growth, and signal repair to the damaged area.

How does it work?
The PRP EVE-Shot is an in-office procedure that can alleviate and help with all multiple conditions from incontinence to lubrication. Platelet Rich Plasma is taken from the patient via a blood sample and reinjected in between the bladder and the front wall of the vagina. The natural regenerative effect of PRP strengthens the muscles, rejuvenates the soft tissue and mucosal areas. Many women find remarkable relief and improvement after the EVE-Shot. The results are long-lasting, safe and highly effective.

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