Sweet Spot MediSpa Podcast #13

Swedish Massage & Scalp Facial Special

-Amy Engel and co-host Charlie McDermott discusses the benefits of two favorite services offered at their spa locations: the Swedish massage and the relaxing scalp facial massage. Amy reveals a special February offer where clients can purchase both services at a discounted rate. She highlights the expertise of their massage therapist, Michaela, who specializes in Swedish massage techniques that promote relaxation, stress reduction, improved circulation, and muscle tension relief. Amy also praises Haley and Michaela for their skill in providing the scalp facial massage, which includes botanical hair regrowth serum application and high-frequency comb treatment to stimulate hair follicles and address issues like dandruff. The episode emphasizes the rejuvenating and stress-relieving effects of these treatments and encourages listeners to prioritize self-care. It concludes with details on how to book appointments at Sweet Spot Meta Spa locations.

-Amy Engel discusses various aspects of cosmetic procedures, with a focus on lip fillers in this episode. Co-host Charlie McDermott joins Amy as they delve into the process, benefits, and considerations associated with lip augmentation.

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