Say Hello To Jeuveau!

Does Zoom meetings get you down?  Are you feeling like you look tired and need a refreshed appearance?  We have an effective treatment option for glabellar lines and other unwanted wrinkles.  Glabellar lines are those stubborn wrinkles between the brows that seem to be getting more and more pronounced as we age.  These lines are more commonly known to us as frown lines, RBF, or the “11s”. 

If this is something you struggle with, then say “Hello” to Jeuveau.  Jeuveau is a new FDA approved, innovative injectable treatment that can help temporarily get rid of glabellar lines in adults, leaving you with a much smoother appearance.  In clinical long term studies, patients who had received Jeuveau had an average of only needing treatments three times per year.  Jeuveau also shows results quickly, with most patients seeing the improvement in lines and wrinkles as early as two to three days.  

At Sweet Spot MediSpa say “Hello” to Jeuveau, and say “Goodbye” to frown lines when you book an appointment with one of our experienced injectors.  Here at Sweet Spot MediSpa, we are passionate about making you feel like the best version of yourself.

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