Facial Dermal Fillers…what is the difference? 

Selecting a trusted, trainned, and experienced injector is important when it comes to scheduling facial dermal fillers. Choosing the right product for filling is also very important.  Not all fillers do the same thing when it comes to providing volume and lift.  When plumping lips, a thicker hylauronic acid filler is recommended while when filling nasal labial or marionette lines, a flexible hyaluronic acid is most desirable.  Filling cheeks to provide a lift of the midface, due to volume loss, requires a thicker, greater G prime hyaluronic acid or a calcium hydroxyapitite to stimulate collagen growth.  It will provide better volume and hold and should be on the top of the list of products to choose from for lifting.  Picking the best product for the area and desired goal must be carefully discussed with your injector.  It can be confusing as to which product to choose.  Scheduling procedures with an experienced injector is the first start to achieving and maximizing the best, natural outcomes.

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